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The Free Looters Union has a single purpose, That purpose is looting. We are here to loot and talk about looting. As well as to share our experience with each other. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY LOOT TOGETHER ! By banding together we become stronger as a whole. By working together we can do great things. the word Unity explains this philosophy...
  • The state or quality of being one; singleness.
  • The state or quality of being in accord; harmony.
  • The combination or arrangement of parts into a whole; unification.
  • A combination or union thus formed.

  • Singleness or constancy of purpose or action; continuity: "In an army you need unity of purpose" (Emmeline Pankhurst)
  • United:
  • Combined into a single entity.
  • Concerned with, produced by, or resulting from mutual action.
  • Being in harmony; agreed.
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    ??/??/?? Failed attempt to MMO-Looting :)

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    ??/??/2011 Looking for Active Members to keep this page up2date
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